Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Surgery was a success!!

I feel so guilty for not updating more, but it's so difficult to type out updates on my phone. I will share many details (and photos) about my SDR experience in the days to come, but for now I'll just say that it was a success!!

My legs feel so much looser and's a crazy feeling! And I was supposed to need a walker to get around for three weeks, but I started taking independent steps about one week post-op, so we returned that walker today. :) My legs still feel wobbly though, so while I do some independent walking around the house (trailing against walls and furniture in case my legs give out), I have also been using my forearm crutches.

As the numbness in my legs wears off, my legs have been aching and tingling quite a bit, which is uncomfortable. Even wearing leggings and sleeping with sheets feels kind of itchy and scratchy. I am hoping that subsides soon, but most people say it takes at least a few weeks.

The hospital stay also had some rough patches (and some beautiful moments)...more on that later!!

You guys are awesome! Thanks for bearing with me and my (spotty) updates. I'll be back soon with more to share, so watch this space. <3


  1. K ! I'm was so so soooo happy reading this post and knowing surgery had been such a success... Well done ! I can't wait to read more and wish you the best for your recovery ! <3

  2. I am so happy for you, K! And I feel you regarding the nerve issues. The only things that I've found helpful are breathing through it, and noting and avoiding any kind of fabric/material triggers for the time being. Also, believe that it will subside. I will believe with you. <3

  3. Such wonderful news. Am so happy for you. Hope things continue to improve.

  4. Hi again K, sorry if this is a repost but it seems like my last comment never went through. I'M SO SO THRILLED THE SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS!!!! YAY! The fact that you are already walking independently is AMAZING! I did not expect you to recover that much that quickly! So nice that you also got some use out of your crutches. I was a bit numb after my tendon lengthening too(CP connection got cut off?) but it ended quickly and I know some people who had strokes who had the numbness, tingling and itchy feeling as the nervous system "came back" after their strokes and it did eventually stop completely so I'm guessing your tingling will get better soon. No worries about the updates. You need to focus on recovering first. But we REALLY appreciate this update and the other update about pre op! :) Keep us updated when you have a free moment. Let me know if you need anything? Anything at all? Can I do anything for you? I pray for you daily. xo

  5. So happy to hear this!! Woo hoo!! To feel such an immediate difference must be surreal and exciting! I'm excited with you. I can relate to the strange post-surgery sensations of numbness and tingling... Hope that continues to improve for you.


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