Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pre-Op Day 1: Beginning and ending the day with tears

(Arrival day post is here, if you missed that!) (Typing on my phone...sorry if these posts aren't as organized as usual!)

Today was our first day of pre-op appointments. My first appointment wasn't until later, so we had some time to eat a leisurely breakfast at the hotel breakfast buffet...which, at least by my standards, was crazy fancy!! SDR patients and their families get free breakfast buffet coupons :) so...a few minutes into our breakfast, I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise when a little boy in a wheelchair came in, his back cushioned by a huge pillow.

My mom saw them and started to cry...and she's not a crier but I think the reality of what was to come just hit all at once. Not happy tears, not sad tears, she said. Just...everything. The weight of everything just came crashing down.

After a few minutes, we introduced ourselves to them and they were so, so nice and encouraging. :) It's been amazing to find these new friends as we start on our journey.

The breakfast area at the Chase Park Plaza where we stayed :)
Another photo of the breakfast buffet :)

Here's what I had for breakfast that morning! It was really good!
I have trouble eating when I'm nervous though, so I didn't eat too much of it. 

After breakfast, I spoke with one of the hotel staff members who has seen so many SDR families come through. She said she will pray for me...and promised that when I come back for my follow-up, we will race each other. Whoever loses buys the winner some popcorn from the hotel movie theater. ;) I told her it was a deal!!

Next it was off to the hospital for our appointments. First I had to get blood drawn...which isn't common for SDR patients going through the Children's Hospital, but they needed to verify that my clotting was sufficient due to my mild bleeding disorder. It was the easiest blood draw I've ever received!!! The technician got it on the first try. :)

Then it was off to the neurosurgery wing to watch a video about SDR and have my appointments with the physical therapist and the surgeon.

Neurosurgery waiting room.
The picture on the wall is photos of children whose lives have been changed by SDR <3

In the room to watch the SDR video. They said to wait for someone to come help set it up, so my mom and I sat and stared at static for five minutes before we worked up the courage to touch the remote without permission and start the video ourselves! ;) 

All went almost feels surreal.

By far, the best part of the day was this: after assessing my gait, foot movement, and clonus, the surgeon turned to us and said that my improvements will "not be mild, not be moderate.
They will be significant."

Happy tears.


  1. Thinking of you and hoping that the surgery goes immensely well! Sending my love from Boston

  2. I love that improvements will be "significant". That will be so awesome for you <3

  3. Best of luck K! Sending positive thoughts and prayers all the way to St Loius!

  4. "They will be significant."
    What wonderful words to go into surgery with!! So happy for you, and hoping all goes as well as planned and expected! :)


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