Thursday, October 23, 2014

Somebody please explain Halloween costumes to me....

I miss the days when people would actually wear clothes on Halloween. Can somebody please explain to me why so many college-aged girls feel the need to walk around in public in 35-degree weather wearing nothing but a bikini? Are guys supposed to be "into that?" I guess a lot of them are, but I wouldn't want to attract that kind of person.

I think there's a lot to be said for modesty. Girls can still be beautiful without showing off their bodies. I'm not saying that people need to go out on Halloween wearing turtlenecks, but I miss the days when cat costumes actually resembled a cat and not a lingerie set. What kind of message are we sending people when so many of the Halloween costumes for teenagers and young adults are labeled as "sexy?"

As for me? Personally, I'm not going to dress up for Halloween at all because I don't believe in fun I have plans to put on my reindeer pajamas and watch Christmas movies with a friend.  Yes -- I'm one of those people -- the end of Halloween means that we've only got about a month until Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means that we've only got about a month until CHRISTMAS.


  1. Here I thought we were so close then you ruin it by telling me you are one of those people who watch Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. What is wrong with all of you? Don't you know that Christmas does not officially start until you see Santa in the Macy's parade!!!

    I do not know what is up with the Halloween costumes. Even Abby is horrified.

  2. I distinctly remember celebrating Halloween one year semi recently by donning a brand new pair of monkey footie pajamas <3


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