Friday, December 20, 2013

Messages From the Universe

Still trying to get my feet underneath me...Since I last wrote a post, I had a discussion with the head of the Disability Services Office at my college. She knows me well, and I think she's torn between admiration and annoyance because I am very independent; I prefer not to ask for help.

I do make exceptions though. After encouragement from you guys, the health professionals at my campus Health Center, my college friends, and a couple of my professors, I decided that I needed to get extensions on some of my exams so that I could focus more on getting better.

I requested extensions on two of my four exams, and to my surprise, my professors were very accommodating...actually, I got the sense that they were relieved.

On Thursday afternoon (not yesterday; December 12th), I received a nebulizer treatment at the campus Health Center (I just went to pick up my prescriptions but the doctor heard me coughing and refused to let me leave!) and that definitely helped. I've been feeling a lot better since the paramedics incident on the Tuesday before last!

I took my Latin final on Monday afternoon, and I think it went fine, except the cold weather forced me to have to use my inhaler minutes before taking it, so I was a little shaky and jittery when taking it! Such is life...and my other final was just an essay, so it wasn't a huge deal.

I went home Monday night. I've still been having some coughing/breathing problems, mostly at night, but it's awesome to be away from the smoke and perfume that was making everything much worse. I've also enjoyed reuniting with my friends from home...soon after I got back, they showed up on my doorstep with a plate of Christmas cookies and we caught up on life and everything was right in the world.

Still, I'm worried about stressing my parents out. The other night, I was coughing at 3 in the morning as I laid in bed, and my dad got up and stood in the doorway of my room. I pretended that I was asleep but I could feel his eyes on me...I felt the worry in the air, and I tried to stifle my coughs for the rest of the night.

I think that's about it for now...but I'll leave you with this fortune that I received from a fortune cookie on the way home. Perhaps I received a bit of advice from the universe? ;-) I thought it was spot-on!

It reads: "You need a new environment. Go on vacation."


  1. I do think the universe is speaking to you :) A change in environment is definitely in need. I hope you worry less about worrying your parents and more about your own well-being. I think your dad looking over you is sweet. FYI--you NEVER stop being your parents little girl. Trust me, not even when you are over 40.

    Enjoy your time, my friend.

  2. GOOD! Oh I'm so relieved that this all came together so nicely and worked out well for you. Thank. Goodness. For. That. :)

    Let your parents look after you. They do it out of love, not duty or obligation. I had to run home to my Mum tonight...and I do feel a bit better because of it. I am stronger now, for having seen her and talked to her and had hugs and been looked after.

  3. Sounds like you are in the right place for right now xx don't worry we all need our parents even when we are older! At 38 I still rely on them and use hem as sounding boards all the time. Coughing and lungs scare me as a mum too so please let your mum give you a big hug and look after you xxxx happy holiday amazing lady!

  4. I'm glad that you're home. Also, a parent standing in your doorway at night = LOVE. You are not a burden. I promise. I stand in Tucker's doorway every night, because that's my time to thank God and the universe for allowing me to be his mom.
    And hmmmm...maybe a vacation is in order, after all!!!

  5. Well now that you're home for a while maybe you can rest, get that change of scenery, and get rid of the coughing and stress. Have a happy and healthy holiday break! Kristie is right. All loving parents can't help but pause for a minute and thank the Lord for their kids. Even when the bog ones!

  6. Glad you got home and that your dad was looking out for you <3


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