Thursday, June 6, 2013

Words That Hurt

"If you went to the gym more often, you'd be just like everyone else."
His words stung like acid on my skin, echoing in my mind long after they were said.

It seems so characteristically teenager-ish to say, "You don't understand!" but that's what I wanted to tell him.

You don't know what it's like to battle muscles that tense even when you want them to relax.

You don't know what it's like to try to move when your whole body locks up, leaving you rooted to the spot.

You don't know what it's like to deal with spasms and shakes, to work with a body that receives mixed up messages.

Truthfully, I should go to the gym more often. My life has been so busy lately that it's hard to find time to go, but I will make time. I know how important it is to stretch and exercise, and his words play on some of my insecurities. They make me feel guilty. I work so hard and have exceeded so many expectations, but what if I did more? How would my life be different?

With that said, I know that exercise will not take away my CP. No amount of exercise will make me "just like everyone else." CP is not something that I can control, it's not something that I will grow out of, and it's not something that can be cured.

Still, his words hurt. I wish that somehow I could make the whole world understand.


  1. Oh, my dear friend. Did you read the Our Land post? It was about having empathy for yourself first. I wish I could speak to that boy for you. Better yet, I wish I could hug away how he hurt you.

    It is crazy how the comments bring us right back to JR High.

    You will never be like everyone else. Neither will Boo. Because you are better than the World we live in. You see the beauty despite the pain.

  2. Thank you for your words, Kerri...they were just what I needed to hear. Heading over to the read the Our Land Post now! xoxo

  3. gosh...I get ya, my friend!

    I have arthritis and it hurts when people remind me to exercise and this problem will go away...I wish!
    I wish people would understand the science behind it and not just say that stretch and exercise...wish life was that simple.


  4. I don't understand just why everyone else always thinks they know better than we do what we need to do. In my case it's my daughter that everyone else is the expert on! That's exasperating enough. I can only imagine how it makes you feel! Stick to your guns and don't let anyone intimidate you or make you feel bad about anything!

  5. Kerry,
    People can be so dumb and so cruel and I want to go have a really good talking to with that boy and make him understand that the world is a diverse and beautiful place and that everybody's abilities are different. His words make me so mad! And I'm sorry you had to listen to them. It reminds me of the times people have said to me that if we talked to Tucker more, he'd catch up. Blows my mind. As if we don't talk constantly to our little boy! Sheesh. I hope your weekend brings you laughter and kindness and is free of jerks like this guy.

  6. Wow! What an immature, ignorant comment to make. This person must be pretty insecure and lack self-esteem. Obviously if HE was feeling good about himself there would be no need to put others down.
    So, don't allow his ignorance to take your "power away!" We are all thinking good thoughts for you and sending positive energy your way:)

  7. Why do people feel the need to be experts about other's situation? Hey, Dude. Whoever you are..."no one asked for your opinion!" Hugs, Kerry. Hugs.

  8. i see a little boy at therapy, when i bring my daughter for her appointment, and i believe he has cp. i've never worked up the courage to talk to his mom, but i did see him having a really bad session one afternoon. if you were me, what words of encouragement would you say to him? i wouldn't say something like the young man said to you, but i don't want to offend without realizing it.

  9. Ruchira: Sorry to hear you've had similar experiences. I wish life was as simple as stretching and exercising too!!

    Sylvia: Thank you, I needed that! Hugs! I've been keeping Bethany in my thoughts, as always.

    Kristi: I can't believe people have said that to you about Tucker...makes my blood boil! xo

    Kelli: Thank you! Hugs and ditto to the good thoughts and positive energy! I always look forward to Team Ari updates on your blog!

    Tatum: Thank you! xoxo and hugs back!

    Misty: First of all, thank you. A few words of encouragement can go a long way! There was one time in particular when I was having a really tough day at PT, and someone came up to me and whispered, "You always work so hard, and it's really inspiring. Keep it up!" I was really feeling down about how difficult everything was, but that simple acknowledgment of how hard I was working made my day!

  10. I understand these comments all too well and how they just violate your soul. If you were "just like everyone else," though, dear friend, you would not be you.


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