Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Waiting in a Thunderstorm

Last night, I went out for dinner and shopping with a couple of friends. I'm really enjoying my summer so far, and last night in particular reminded me that I have truly amazing friends.

After we left one store, it started to torrential downpour. I now know where the term "buckets of rain" comes from. We stood under the shelter of an awning, watching the rain fall and trying to wish it away. Maybe if we stare at it long enough, we thought, it will just disappear. That didn't work. If anything, it seemed that the rain fell even harder.

Eventually, we decided we should just go for it, so we counted to three and ran as fast as we could to the safety of the car.

Except I can't run. Even my fast walk is slower than the pace of an average individual. But that didn't matter to my friends. We walked alongside each other, laughing as raindrops pelted our faces, clouded our vision, and fell with such force that they made our skin tingle.

And when my friends got to the car and I was still a few steps behind them, they waited. They stood outside in the middle of a thunderstorm to wait for me.

As I reviewed my post from last week and read over the comments that I received, I realize that the girl who left me in the dust, the girl who made assumptions about me, the girl who laughed at the way I walked — she is not a true friend. 

True friends will wait for you, even in the middle of a thunderstorm.


  1. Yes - these friends are keepers :) Glad you have people like this in your life to balance out the less palatable types.

  2. Goosebumps, Kerry! I love that you have such great friends! The two very best friends I have today are ones that I've had since I was 18. Good friends do wait for you and will be there for a long, long time. Love.

  3. So glad you have friends like these!


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