Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mom is a Superhuman

To all of the moms in the world: I am writing this post on behalf of your children, who might not appreciate all of the things that you do for them now, but believe me, they will.

Thank you for doing 8 billion loads of laundry. I was never fully appreciative of this until I got to college and had to do it all myself.

Thank you for cooking me dinner every night for eighteen years. I know I might have complained about spinach a little too often, and yes, I realize that I threatened numerous times throughout the years that I would never eat vegetables in college. Between you and me, though, I try to get each of the five food groups on my plate (okay, six food groups...I need sugar in my life) every night. I did this without even realizing it at first...old habits die hard?

Thank you for being my personal chauffeur, for driving me to school, to friends' houses, to doctors' offices, to PT...

Thank you for always being there for me when I need to vent and cry about the unfairness of the world.

Thank you for reminding me that in spite of all of its unfairness, the world really is a beautiful place.

Thank you for taking care of me whenever I was sick, for waiting on me hand and foot, for making me soup.

Thank you for the spontaneous moments of kindness that you sprinkled throughout my life. I will always remember the time you took me to Friendly's for an ice cream cone "just because," the time you surprised me with a day trip to the beach, the time you left a note on my nightstand telling me you loved me.

Secretly I've always kind of suspected that you were a superhuman, and now I realize that it's true. I wish those powers were genetic, because if I had one tenth of your awesomeness, I would be set for life.

I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for everything.


  1. K what a beautiful tribute to your mom. She must be awesome because she raised a beautiful daughter in you! Give her a Happy Mothers Day from us!!!

  2. Oh my God, K...I hope you do share this with your mom. Since I am currently on my 8th load of laundry today I know it would make her day. I know it made mine.

  3. As you may have suspected during the past few months - I ADORE YOU and thank you for writing this. I highly suspect your mom is, in fact a superhero. Because the woman who raised a daughter who has the ability to suck a person so completely in with her words did so much right. Plus, your laundry.

    Also, as a mom, I thank you for reminding me that the little stuff matters (the note on the nightstand). I hope my son remembers those things too. Happy Mother's Day to your mom. And to you, for begin a woman who will change the world times a million.

  4. Thank you to all three of you for your awesomeness...HUGS! My mom really is amazing, but so are all of you! And Kerri, I shared a version of it with her. :) So glad to hear that it made your day, and 8 loads of laundry?!! YOU must be a superhuman too!

  5. and Kristi, I adore YOU!

    1. Tis I who adore YOU, Kerry. And Kerri, too. :D
      When I saw this, it didn't click that little baby you pictured here is a triplet! That's so so so cool.

  6. Oh this is such a nice post! (And you guys were SUCH cuties!)


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