Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Need to Vent...

This is totally unrelated to the previous post...just a warning, though, as the title suggests, I'm going to vent! So if you don't feel like reading about my problems (and I don't blame probably have more than enough of your own problems to deal with), feel free to come back another day when I'm more cheerful. ;-)

I woke up today with a sharp pain in my hip...not the hip I broke, but the OTHER hip. My left hip (the one I broke) already hurts whenever I take a step. People are always surprised when I say that, wondering how I cope when I'm constantly in pain, but unless I consciously think about it, I don't usually notice it because I'm so used to it now.

But now that my right hip hurts too, walking is extra painful. Not to mention that I have final exams to contend with, essays to write, projects to do, internships to set up, and it was pouring rain today. I managed to get to my classes on time, but the pain in my hip was really bothering me, and my shoes were soaked right down to my socks!

Frustrating day. In the grand scheme of things, my problems are pretty petty, but I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed right now. I know that I'm lucky that I'm even able to walk, and I keep telling myself that, but sometimes I wish I could just catch a break, know what I mean?

Whew. Now that that's off my chest, I also just want to take the opportunity extend a huge thank you to everyone who leaves comments on my guys keep me going! I love this blogging community.



  1. So sorry to hear you are in pain xx it must be danting and scary to have your independence threatened xx much love to you from all of us xx hope your exams go really well and that you ace them!!!!!

  2. Thanks Bron. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Cambodia!

  3. First, I came here to re-read your other post that I read on my phone earlier. Second, I want you to remember something. Everybody's pain is their pain. The fact that others have it better, or worse, is important in the grand scheme of things but it's also important to recognize our own perspectives. Like if you're comparing the pain in both of your hips to something that's unrecognizable to you, that's not a comparison. Your pain is real, regardless of what other peoples' pains are. Mental or emotional or physical. Your pain is still real. And it's yours and it's fine to be upset by it. I promise. Hugs, dear friend, I hope you find something to ease your very real pain soon.

    1. Oh perfectly said, as always. I shouldn't have bothered posting :)

  4. URGH sorry to hear about your pain. You probably know this, but I would bet your Right hip is painful becuase you are compensating for the left hip. Are you able to get some PT to focus on it? Or better yet a massage :)

    I hope the rain lets up and you get some relief soon. Oh and vent anytime that is what we are here for

  5. Praying that the rest of your week is easier, and that this pain goes away soon.

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Feel Better soon! Life must tbe super stressful with finals, rain, & pain. Sending some sunshine and healing vibes your way:)

  8. Thank you so so so much for the support everyone!! My leg feels wayyyy better today. xoxoxo

  9. I missed a bunch of your posts when I was sort of hibernating from life-- things were rough. If I'd seen this I would have commented then! I know exactly how you feel- my hips hurt pretty much all the time and it sucks! So glad it's better now!! Hugs to you!!

  10. Totally legit to have hard days regardless of how much harder they COULD BE. No one can be grateful and seizing every day all the time.


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