Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guest Post at Finding Ninee: Fixer

Kristi over at Finding Ninee has kindly allowed me to write another post for her Our Land series! Click here to read it, and while you're there, read through the rest of her blog as well! If you didn't know this already, you will quickly realize that Kristi is incredible, and her writing is both profoundly moving and amazingly funny. Plus, she creates hilarious drawings to go along with each of her posts, so why are you still here? ;-)


  1. Kerry I just left you a comment on Finding Ninee and I didn't realize it wasn't posting on your blog here(ack,I'm so not techno, lol) You are a Fixer and a darn good one at that, don't ever lose your drive and desire to fix because the world is a better place with you in it!!! Hugs

  2. You are so awesome, my sweet friend. It's hard to believe you're only 19. Great post, great writing, great thoughts, great YOU. <3 you huge.

  3. "I want to be a fixer." Seriously, how sweet are you? (Again. Rhetorical.) <3


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