Friday, April 19, 2013

A World of Brokenness: Boston Strong

We live in a world of brokenness.

The events that have taken place in Boston over the past few days have hit, quite literally, close to home.

I hate this violence. I hate wondering if my friends and family are okay. I hate that sick feeling in my stomach when I receive a panicked text message from a friend fearing for her life, afraid to walk to class because of a gun threat at her school. I hate the "what if"s, thinking about what could have happened to my friends at the Boston Marathon if they ran just a little faster, just a little slower. They are fine, but so many others are not.

Everyone says, "Stay safe, Boston," but how can it stay safe when it stopped being safe the moment those bombs exploded and the lives of so many people came crashing down?


  1. This is such an unsettling time for many. So sorry you are in the thick of things K! We are sending all our thoughts, prayers, and good vibes your way. Love, Team Ari

  2. It's such a scary thing. The fact that there is so much violence in our country makes me sad and angry at the same time. I hate it. :(
    I used to really wish my family and I lived inside the city (Washington, DC). These days, I feel safer in the suburbs, and that's sad. Great post. As always.

  3. K, it we stay safe as long as there are more people outraged and running to help and outnumber those who just look away.

    On another subject, I saw this and thought of you!

  4. I know how you feel; I had friends there, too. But if we let fear rule our lives after this, the bad guys have won. Let's remember the people who did all the good last week, and let love win. I'm so glad your friends and family were all OK. :)

  5. I remember when this happened. It was a very significant day, for opposite reasons, for us. And it really points to how different things are today than they were when I was in school. I am honestly not sure what is worse: having no plan at all in an instance of violence on a campus or at a public event or living in a time and place where that violence is so common that kids today have drills for such things?


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