Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beautiful Acceptance

I walk into the office of the elementary school and the secretary looks at my legs before she looks at my face. I smile and sign in, and as I turn to leave, I realize that I don't know how to get to my destination.

"Excuse me," I say, "Where is room 215?"
She gives me directions and soon I find myself facing the door of the classroom. I'm a little jittery, and wait a moment before entering to take a deep breath.

The eyes of 27 third-grade students are upon me. Some smile, some wave; others seem to stare through me.

I bend over the desk of one little boy to help him with his fractions. Once he seems to get the hang of it, I begin to move to another student whose hand is raised.

"No," he says. "Don't go. I'm terrible at this. Terrible at everything."
"That's not true," I reply. "You got that last one all by yourself. You are very smart."
His face lights up and fills me with warmth. 

Later, I am reading with a child, my voice over his, his over mine, and before I know it, the three hours have passed and I have to go. I stand up.

"Please don't leave!" he pleads, and I tell him that I will be back next week.

Then his eyes find my legs, much like the secretary's did. I know the question that's about to come because it's the same question that I saw in the secretary's face.
"What happened to your legs?" he asks.
That's the difference between a child and an adult. He's not afraid to ask.
"They got hurt when I was a baby," I say. "So it takes me a little longer to do some things."

He smiles. "Oh, okay. So you're coming back next week?"

Acceptance. Just like that.


  1. Oh I love this so very much xx kids can teach adults so very much and you have taught me so much already too xx I always say to adults they are more of a problem than kids are when saying inappropriate things to coop! ;)

  2. Kids are the best. I've just read 6 of your posts in a row. I love the way you write. It's very beautiful.

  3. I love this! Kids are so wonderful. It's why I'm becoming an elementary teacher :) I love it when kids ask about my legs, their responses always blow my mind. So sweet.

  4. I love kids. Not only do they ask they right questions, they understand the answers.

  5. Are you on the path to being a teacher? I think you could be a wonderful educator, you already are!!! Miles of Smiles~ Team Ari

  6. great story do u want to write something for CP month if so email me

  7. I love this post and how it points out the difference between children and adults. I also like how this shows that we volunteer and HELP and we are not always BEING HELPED.


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