Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Day That Changed Everything: Part 1

We all have days that change our lives forever; sometimes we know they are coming and can plan for them, and other times, they occur so suddenly that we don't know what hit us. 

Five years ago today, I climbed out of bed to confront a day that, unbeknownst to me, would forever change my life.

Exactly five years ago, on December 6, 2007, I fell. I fall a lot, and it's usually not such a big deal...I stand up, brush myself off, and assure the concerned bystanders that "I'm okay!" But this time, I couldn't get up.

The day started out like any other, normal enough. My mom dropped me off at school and as she said goodbye, she reminded me that the two of us were going to head to the gym after school to work out.We never made it there.

When I got to class, I realized I couldn't find my library book. I told myself that it was okay, I'd just look for it when I got home. But I didn't go home that day.

Besides for that, my morning was going pretty smoothly. Science class had just ended, and I scooped up my binders and waved to my friend. 

"I'll see you at lunch in a minute!" I said to her. But I never made it to the cafeteria.

As I was walking out of the classroom and making my way over to lunch, I slipped. I fell almost in slow-motion. . .as I went down, I remember grabbing desperately for the water fountain that was right next to me, but I couldn't grasp it quickly enough and I kept falling. I fell so slowly, in fact, that I remember making a conscious decision to avoid taking the impact on my elbows because I hate, hate, hate scraping my elbows (something I had too much experience with throughout elementary school). So I landed on my left side, meaning that my leg crashed into the cement floor, taking almost the entire force of the fall.

I sat there in a heap, and one of my friends rushed over and asked if I was okay. I think I said yes, reflexively, but I wasn't okay. Somehow the nurse had realized what had happened - probably someone had called her, I don't know - and she rushed over. I tried to stand up but my leg collapsed under me. It didn't hurt, but it felt strange and wobbly when I tried to put weight on it. 

The nurse brought over a wheelchair and I felt hot tears begin to course down my face as I pleaded with her. I didn't want to sit in the wheelchair. I just wanted her to help me to try and stand up again so I could head to lunch, where I knew my friends were probably wondering why I hadn't arrived yet.

Eventually I conceded, and with my friend by my side (the friend who had witnessed the accident), I went to the nurse's office. She gave me an ice pack and told me to try to eat some of my lunch, but I wasn't hungry. I remember trying to force myself to eat a Pringle, but I just couldn't. And looking back on that day, as I'll explain later, it's a good thing that I didn't eat my lunch!

Part 2 will come soon! It's a long story though, so I think I need to split it up into multiple posts.


  1. One day way back when I was in high school (1974) I slipped on the ice walking to school. I also could not get up. In fact the way you described your experience could have been mine! No one was around. My butt was freezing on the ice! Finally someone saw me and got a wheel chair form the school. Long story- short: I had broken my ankle. My mother thought I was faking it so I wouldn't have to do a speech in speech class!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to getting to know you!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! That's too funny that the beginnings of our stories are so similar. That must have been a bad day!!

    It was great to hear from you, and I can't wait to get to know you as well!

  3. Hello!!
    I found your blog from "These Broken Vases" CP Connection, and I absolutely adore it!! I read one of your other entries and saw that you are a triplet with two brothers...which is crazy because I am a triplet with two brothers! Benjamin and Mason have Cerebral Palsy--and we are all three homeschooled Sophomores in high school! I'm so excited that I found your blog and I can't wait to follow it! (and can't wait to hear the end of this story!)
    God bless,

  4. Claire ~
    Thank you so much for the comment! I sent you an email and hope we can keep in touch! :)

  5. Oof, this story. Knowing you, it's even harder to read than it was at first. And for some reason, I'm finally doing the math on this - so you were only 13 when this happened? So little! For some reason I always pictured that you were a HS senior or starting college.

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