Sunday, November 11, 2012

CP and Friends

"Does your CP make it difficult for you to make friends?" she asked. 

I was talking to my seventh grade guidance counselor about I-don't-even-know-what, and somehow the end of the conversation turned to this. 

 No, it doesn't. Some people judge me and won't bother to get to know me because of it, but why would I want to be friends with them anyway?
I saw the pity cloud her eyes and I knew she didn't understand. But I said what I meant and I meant what I said. 

My friends are amazing. Amazing. Maybe I'm biased, but they are some of the nicest, most authentic people that I've ever met. They don't see me as different from them but they are aware of what I might have trouble with, and they're always willing to offer help if I need it. 

Isn't that what friends are for? :-)

I want to write a post sometime that outlines all of the perks of CP! This is definitely a huge one. . . I attract only non-judgmental people. ;-)


  1. I love this post and am thrilled to find your blog x you have already taught me so much x I also feel as a parent of a child with cp I too choose those type of awesome friends xxx lovely to read your words xx hope your toe feels better x

  2. I used to ask my mom why Benjamin and Mason had such wonderful friends who stuck with them and why the people I befriended always ended up getting annoyed with me. She said exactly what you said--the type of people who don't judge and just love you are definitely the ONLY people you would want as a friend! I finally just started hanging out with my brothers' friends. :)

  3. I love how you said you attract only the nonjudgmental people! That is a great way to look at friendship with CP!

    Your post about your amazing friends brought to mind this long ago writing prompt I filled in 2004, about friends. I focused on friends in high school, all girls, and connected them all somehow to choir and vocal performance:


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